Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marvellous Mavusana

Double M


This is more laid-back, urban kwaito with rapping in a great rasping brogue. He's rapping in I think Sotho but if anyone knows the language for sure I'd love to know, I still can't quite tell sometimes between Sotho, Khosa and Zulu (embarrassing). Mavusana also appears to have worked with DJ Mujava. I love this album.

Dr Duda & Mr M-Bee

House Prescriptions


Funky, deep house. Tracks 6-9 are my favourites if you're put off at first, which go into much more minimal, funky, tech based work which pisses all over the stuff Londoners are trying to do at the moment under the term 'funky house'.
They've had a bit of recognition outside of Africa and the second track from the CD, Latin Soul, is available on 12 from here